Woman Rampages At McDonald’s Drive-Thru Because Chicken Nuggets Aren’t Available

(Warning: Strong language/mild violence) 

In January 2010, Melodi Dushane, a 24-year-old woman from Ohio, attacked a member of staff and smashed a window at a McDonald’s drive-thru in Toledo in protest over chicken nuggets not being available, as the restaurant was serving breakfast. The footage, courtesy of a surveillance camera in the restaurant, appears to show Dushane climbing out of her car and punching the drive-thru employee in the mouth. After a barrage of expletives, she smashes the window and drives off.

As reported by local media, Dushane, as a consequence of the incident, was sentenced to 60 days in prison and three years of probation. Furthermore, she was ordered to pay McDonald’s more than $1,500 in compensation for the damage to the window.