Walabot: The Device Which Allows Smartphones To See Through Walls

The following 30-second clip demonstrates the 3D-imaging ability of the Walabot sensor. The gadget, which can be attached to an Android smartphone and is of a similar size, uses parent company Vayyar Imaging’s sensor technology and allows a person, using seemingly X-ray vision, to peer through solid objects and see hidden details beneath the surface.

Like something out of science fiction, the sensor works by emitting thousands of radio waves; these waves ultimately bounce back and can be used to measure distance. The device, having collected all of the reflections, then creates a 3D image. The technology, which could be used to detect hidden pipes in the building trade or objects buried in the ground, offers limitless, albeit controversial, possibilities, not least if advancements eventually allow ordinary people to look into the homes of strangers using only their smartphone, or so much more.